Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Silver Rallies to knew high

Silver rallies to set new record high of $29.00 at 9:12 a.m. (CST) today. New concerns over inflation and tensions in the Middle East have prompted the recent rise in the price of Silver. The increase in demand is beginning to create shortages in supply. Take advantage of this opportunity to lock in your price today and select from APMEX’s diverse selection of Silver products.
All of this data supports expert opinions that silver is a wise investment in today’s economic climate. In fact, silver prices are looking good in both the short and long term, according to the recent silver investment news. All of the fundamentals are currently in place for silver to continue its rise in the coming months and years. To find out how you can take advantage of the bright future of this perfect precious metal investment

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Silver Washington Quarters 1932-1964 are composed of  90 % Silver Metal . They are this years next best investment for the new year. Many sold "as Junk Silver" have been minted since 1932. Only since 1932-1964 have business strike Quarter been made in 90% silver. These so called junk silver coins, values go up with the price of silver. Silver value, not like Gold, has not hit it's high as of yet. Back in the 1980's Gold topped out at approx. $800.00 per ounce. Silver Topped out about $62.00 per ounce. As of today Gold is at $1,350.00 per & Silver is at $27.00 per. In the 1980's the silver to Gold ration was about 12 to 1, today the ratio is about 20 to 1 in valve. So using theses figure's, Silver has a way to go to catch up to Gold in portion. With this in mind, like Gold, but buy Silver. Easy way to get it is to buy junk silver.
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How To Buy and Sell Gold
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The Best Investment for the New Year Gold & Silver Coins

Very Good Buy!
The best reason to buy gold coins-The price of gold goes up, the price of your gold coins go up. Mostly every gold coin from 1933 & back, provides a high premiums over the spot of gold. Now gold prices go down, the price of your coin, because of the Numismatics value will go down sightly, still leaving it with a nice premium. Many low mintage bullions will provide you with the same premium

Daily investors

Buy and sell gold on a regular basis.
 They do this on a short term to take advantage of the higher demand on a daily basics for profit.
  Selling gold for when we need funds for some emergency, or to take advantage on the increased price for a profit.

People keep gold for various reasons. Asset protection. Gold is easy to sell and is very liquid. So if you want to go on vacation or buy a car, it it readily available.

Most dealers and even private individuals are willing to buy goldGenerally you will get, from a dealer, just below spot. 
Pop Pino Silver Coin Site
  You can buy and sell Gold on ebay. it will be easier if you have an established eBay account with a track record.
But if you are simply selling  gold coins or bullions on line sales are the easier way. No hassle looking for a dealer, No driving around and haggling, 24 hour instant cash.

But if you absolutely must sell gold, rest assured that at least you will get top value for your gold coins or gold bullion!

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